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I have been overweight for most of my life.               I have yo-yo'ed between being very heavy, and not-so-heavy, but always overweight.                     I have wanted to be a fitness instructor for 20+ years, but have never been able to control my weight.                       And then Zumba changed my life. I have been able to achieve my dream of being a fitness instructor, and have been able to control my weight for the first time in my life.                 I am 40 years old, and I am in the best shape and the fittest that I have ever been. I have lost 32kgs and over 100cms - and have kept the weight off for over 2 years.                   I can help you. I know many of you are struggling with your weight as I have done, and I wanted to share my journey with you to show you that it can be done. I know how horrible it feels to be fat, frumpy and unhappy.               But I changed my life, and you can to. I have been where you are now - I know how it feels.         With Zumba® love, Shantelle.


I just want to let everyone considering the challenge know that it's the best thing you can do for yourself and your family! Exercising is fun with Zumba with Shantelle and our lovely participants. We laugh, sweat and work hard but with smiles on our faces! Not to mention the smiles and happiness and satisfaction you feel when you jump on the scales! Shantelle is inspirational, extremely supportive and she cares about each individual and wants YOU to succeed! Give her challenge a go and you won't regret it! So many classes and variety to choose from. I personally find it hard to pick a favourite. I love all the classes! Fitness, Toning, Aqua, Sentao, Gold, I've tried them all and love them all! Wish I had more time to do more! Don't think, just do it and be amazed at what you can achieve with Zumba Shantelle!

I could safely say I hated all exercise until my friend dragged me to Zumba. I loved it and Shantelle made us feel totally at ease, but it was short lived as I injured my back vacuuming!      Time went by and the weight piled on and I felt depressed and had no energy. I was at a low point so I got back in touch with Shantelle who welcomed me back like I'd never been away.               She got me to try Aqua Zumba to help with my back and I also joined the Weight-Loss Challenge under Shantelle's guidance.              I tried different classes and Shantelle gave me healthy eating plans and tips on my diet. The results I have achieved are amazing. I feel I have so much energy and feel proud each day about how my body is changing. Shantelle is so supportive and motivating with her beautiful personality.       She really cares about everyone's journey and has time to listen and advises all of her Zumba family. She makes each one of us feel special which is so important when making such a life change. I have never felt so excited about exercise as I do with Zumba so give it a go. Shantelle is an inspiration and I can't thank her enough! Keep up your wonderful work life would be dull without you!   

THANK YOU so much for all you do and the energy you put into your classes. 

3 years ago I had a total left hip replacement. Prior to that I suffered from chronic pain, could barely walk (due to pain & inability of the joint to work properly) and had a very bad limp (one leg was 3cm shorter than the other because the bone was pushed up in the joint from lack of cartilage & worn away bone).

After the surgery I was pain-free, my legs are only 0.5cm differing now and I can do so much more that I couldn't do before - but I still had a lot to do to rebuild my body. I was overweight from years of being unable to exercise and my flexibility & muscle strength was very much lacking.

This week I had a check-up with my orthopaedic surgeon and he is shocked & amazed at how fit, strong and healthy I am. He also can't believe my flexibility considering I couldn't even put socks on my left foot before! But mostly he cannot believe the muscle my butt is sporting! To have my surgery I had a horizontal incision from my hip halfway across my butt cheek that's about 20cm long, which sliced through all the muscles in my butt. When my surgeon saw how I've lost weight and developed muscle - especially around the area of my scar - he asked "HOW have you done that?"

I told him that I give all the credit to Zumba - yes, I lost weight on my own and got fit but Zumba has been the toning/muscle godsend I needed to get in shape. He said that with the support of such amazing muscle, my joint is being well protected and he thinks the prosthetic should last me a long, long time. And my leg muscles are allowing even distribution of pressure, so my hip is well supported.

So thank you for everything - I wouldn't be as enthusiastic about Zumba or enjoy it anywhere as much as I do without you being as wonderful as you are. And I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that.  Lots of love to you xx

For those of you considering your new year resolutions, mid year or any time of the year resolutions and want to include some fun fitness activity which is also extremely beneficial both physically and mentally, please check out this site and the amazing timetable available. One of my motivators , Zumba with Shantelle has such an array of different types of Zumba (incorporating dancing/swimming/toning/weight) you will find what is right for you and also give you a great variety. Way better than a gym membership and so much fun to boot. No criticism - just encouragement and best of all can be as individual as you are. In my opinion you will find no more personalised , caring and motivation from such a great girl as Shantelle

If you are looking for a way to get fit, be happy and most of all have fun whilst doing it...... Zumba with Shantelle is the way to go. Zumba with Shantelle classes are always full of great energy and a great atmosphere. Shantelle is a great motivator and makes each participant feel welcome and part of the Zumba family. I would highly recommend these classes and give each specialty a go, as they all have many different benefits for your body.

For my first 3 pregnancies I was left with significant abdominal separation. This last one, it was negligible. Recovery has been so much better and I believe that's been thanks to being in better shape pre-pregnancy thanks to Zumba. And as a full time mum to 3 (now 4) and full time carer to my disabled son, it gives me a good mental/emotional break from the stresses of home life. Awesome! 
Shantelle is fantastic and very encouraging, and her Zumba classes are great. I lost weight and toned up after baby number 3. Having just had baby number 4, I can't wait to start back!

I am a GP working in the Gold Coast and a colleague of mine introduced me to Shantelle's class in Aqua Zumba a couple of months ago and I have since then loved exercising. Shantelle inspires me a lot to walk my talk. She is a living witness to weight loss and healthy lifestyle with energetic exhilarating fun exercise routines. The songs that she picks are great and it has a soul. Highly recommended!!!

Just awesome, and such an inspiration.

Thanks Zumba with Shantelle for making me feel so welcome at your Zumba class last night. It was my first ever Zumba class and I had a ball. You explained everything to me before it started, looked after me during the class and made sure I 'survived' after the class. You introduced me to EVERYONE - so even though I arrived alone I didn't feel alone. It was definitely not what I was better!Thanks again!

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